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Navigating Today’s Complex Real Estate Development & Entitlement Process

STARBOARD Realty Group is a Denver-based consulting firm specializing in land use, entitlements, and infrastructure planning, finance and development. We oversee real estate development projects from initial concept through the entire approval process to maximize real estate value for our client partners.

STARBOARD specializes in project management and processing for land development, entitlements, pre-development services, master planning, and the securing of all types of governmental approvals for real estate development projects.

STARBOARD navigates the complex project intricacies, including public policy and local political considerations with clarity and an unwavering sense of purpose to ensure successful project outcomes.

Working together, we can achieve your vision for your project.



STARBOARD and its logo are inspired by the art, science, and history of maritime navigation. Sailing vessels on Starboard Tack, meaning the wind is coming from the Starboard side of the boat, have right-of-way over other vessels. 

Being “on Starboard” therefore means a boat and its team are being managed and operated in a way that risks are mitigated, the way ahead is clear and strategies for successful outcomes are established.   This use of Starboard, and the concept that Starboard Tack positions a team for best results are the inspiration for and the passion of STARBOARD Realty Group.

Our expertise in navigating the real estate entitlement and pre- development process provides you with direction, surety of purpose and clarity to identify successful outcomes, and to achieve your desired project results safely and efficiently.